Goex to close last plant

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Ysabel Kid
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Goex to close last plant

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Well, technically Hodgdon, who owns Goex, will be closing their plant in Camp Minden, LA. Last domestic source of black powder... :( :( :evil:
Bill in Oregon
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Re: Goex to close last plant

Post by Bill in Oregon »

Jay, I sent Hodgdon both an e-mail and an actual, physical, snail-mail letter on this topic, and here is the reply I received:

Mr. Powell,

Thanks for your letter dated 29 September, 2021.
We have received a fair amount of feedback since we announced our decision last week, much of it in a similar sentiment to your letter.
To be clear, our preferred outcome in this situation is to be able to sell the GOEX operation and are actively working to make this happen. We will continue these efforts at our best possible speed as we know we are on a tight timeline for the end of the year.
At the Hodgdon Powder Company, we have used the tagline “The Gunpowder People” for some years now. Most of us are handloaders, shooters and muzzleloader shooters and have a lot of passion for the sport. While this is not the outcome we would have preferred, our focus now is on pursuing a sale. We will work as hard as we can for this outcome.
Thanks for reaching out.
Aaron Oelger I Vice President of Sales & Marketing I Hodgdon Powder Co.
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Re: Goex to close last plant

Post by Ray »

https://www.levergunscommunity.org/view ... =1&t=82025

Yes we've been discussing this.....
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Re: Goex to close last plant

Post by AJMD429 »


What do you guys think the reason was? As the only manufacturer, they could raise prices within reason if necessary to meet additional overhead caused by inflation or regulatory stuff. Do you think it was liability issues, or do you think that the government just wanted one less potential explosive out there, or to chip away at one of the more fun and non-threatening recreational parts of shooting that draw in new shooters? I guess I always tend to be a little cynical when I hear news like this.
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Re: Goex to close last plant

Post by mickbr »

Doc I share some of the same fears
Ray Newman
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Re: Goex to close last plant

Post by Ray Newman »

A now deceased Fellow Shooter was a GOEX employee and tested the powder lots. From what he told me, the US Gov't./DOD was GOEX's biggest purchaser -- something like 85% of GOEX total production was to fill government contracts -- and GOEX is/was the only domestically Black Powder manufacturer.
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Re: Goex to close last plant

Post by .45colt »

Hodgdon makes both Pyrodex and Triple 7 powders. for them it probably makes a lot of sense to cut the Goex plant loose. I tried the Pyrodex years ago and hated it with a passion. I found some Triple 7 ffg today and will try it out soon.
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