Learning to shoot again

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Learning to shoot again

Post by jnyork »

Being an avid lever action silhouette shooter, I have been struggling to get to the point where I can hit some of the steel critters again.

Had the covid last winter, lost 2 months of my life and dang near died of it, the issue was in doubt for a few days. Have been SLOWLY recovering, Doc sent me to physical therapy/rehab as almost all of my strength had gone away, have been doing some simple exercises and seems to be helping. Still very short-winded and weak. Anyway, talking with the PT guy a few days ago, lamented to him that I had lost almost all my ability to shoot due to weakness, etc, he told me to go shoot anyway in hopes that it would come back.

I have a regulation 10 meter airgun range in my basement along with an FWB300s target gun, iron sights, and a Beeman R-8 sporter with a Beeman 3x9 scope set at 9x. Shot for the 4th times this evening and saw a little improvement. With the FWB, it is just about too heavy right now , a little over 12 pounds, but I will keep trying. Being short winded, I can only hold my breath for about 6 seconds before the target disappears out of the front sight and everything goes grey, even though I have the largest aperture in. It's from my eye running out of oxygen. Also , pretty shakey, I can only get a decent sight picture for 2-3 seconds and it drifts out into left field.

With the Beeman , I can do fairly well as it is a lighter rifle and has the scope.

My goal so far is to be able to reliably put 10 shots in the black on the 10 meter target, tonight I got 8 with the FWB and the Beeman both, which is progress as I was only getting 3-4 when I started.

Being 80 years old doesn't help, I'm sure. Beats the alternative. :D Glad our club has a weekly .22 benchrest shoot, I'll do a lot better at that.
Scott Tschirhart
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

I'm so sorry to hear about you struggling with this. God bless you.
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by gamekeeper »

What a bummer.. :( I would continue to practice with the air rifles, I find them more tiring to use than my rimfires, so continued practice should strengthen your shooting muscles. Wishing you all the best for a FULL recovery.
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by GunnyMack »

Well improvement is good! Might I suggest an exercise of just mounting the gun. It will help regrow muscle and improve muscle memory. Just stand and mount the gun as you would to shoot, then lower it- repeat, 10 times? Less or more depending on how you feel, slowly increase the amount as you get stronger. Go through breathing as well. And remember to inhale through your nose and out your mouth- a very wise man( 3 doctorates) told me that forces spinal fluid up & down the spinel cord allowing nerves to function better.
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by piller »

I hope you improve soon. The worst part of CoVid for me was the shortness of breath. I still cannot ride my bicycle for any distance.
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by Pitchy »

Hope ya get back to normal soon.
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by Blaine »

Keep at it, Sir....and, God Bless.
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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by Grizz »

sorry for those problems. glad that you are shooting your airguns and seeing improvement. that's a good PT story.

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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by AmBraCol »

Yep, the Covid really hits some folks real hard. We're sure glad you pulled through and pray you have a full recovery.

As for starting to shoot again, that was good advice from the PT. Funny, I was just reading Townsend Whelen's book "The American Rifle" and in his chapter on learning to shoot he makes the observation that usually no one will be able to hold steady at the beginning. And although you've got years of experience, physically speaking you're at the beginning again. Hang in there. Keep up your sessions and you'll see an improvement as you go. That FWB 300S is quite a rifle. I have one with a left hand tyrolean stock (basket case gun I built up) and it's fun to shoot, although I have to use it right handed. They are heavy though. Once you get some muscle built up again you might like a change of pace to doing mini-sniping. Click that link and then go to downloads. They've got 9mm and 22 LR targets that can be quite a challenge when you stretch the distance out. They'd also give you a smaller target to strive for at 10 meters once you meet your goal of all shots in the black.

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Re: Learning to shoot again

Post by Malamute »

Ive seen a long discussion of the crud on another forum, several docs and many other health care specialists and workers that have been seeing this stuff regularly since the beginning, the common theme for many with longer term problems is that getting the vaccine shot seems to help many of them clear up lingering symptoms and get back closer to normal quicker.
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