Presents from FL

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Presents from FL

Post by 2ndovc »

My dad just came back to Ohio from his place in FL and brought a couple presents.
He picked up the Savage 19 NRA .22 for $150 at a show. It's missing the windage knob on the rear sight and has an after market magazine. The magazine sorta works but I found an original online. I told him is was a good thing he was wearing a mask because he pretty much stole that rifle. :D
Also got the new Bentley convertible I asked for. It's only 15" long but it's the thought that counts. Kid #1 and I were having a blast with it in the garage. I just ordered a white one so we can set up a track around the garage.



We're just happy he's home for the summer and made the dive again w/o any problems.

jb 8)
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Re: Presents from FL

Post by piller »

That rifle looks classy.
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Re: Presents from FL

Post by Pitchy »

Cool beans Jason, great gift from your Dad. 8) :)
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Re: Presents from FL

Post by OldWin »

Most excellent!
Even better it's from your dad. can hear George Orwell laughing.
Ray Newman
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Re: Presents from FL

Post by Ray Newman »

Nice looking ol' Savage .22! Hope it shoots as good as it looks.
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Re: Presents from FL

Post by AmBraCol »

There's always room for another 22! The Bentley looks like fun as well. :mrgreen:
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