.50-95 ammo or brass

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.50-95 ammo or brass

Post by olyinaz »

Howdy guys, hope all are well and avoiding the funk. I could not stand the strain and went ahead and ordered one of the Cimarron carbines chambered in .50-95. It would be nice to be able to shoot it! So far no luck, and I'm reasonably adept at working the internet machine. Does anyone have a source of .50-95 ammo or brass that they can point me to? Cimarron shows it on their web site BTW, but I ordered some and they canceled the order right away - out of stock.

Thanks, and I'll post a picture of it when it shows up.


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Re: .50-95 ammo or brass

Post by harry »

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Re: .50-95 ammo or brass

Post by wvfarrier »

Holy Smokes!!! $6.76 per piece!!!!
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Re: .50-95 ammo or brass

Post by shasta_steve »

Pretty sure you can make brass from the 50 Alaskan . Gafs has them for a little over a buck a piece and RCBS has the dies in stock.
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Re: .50-95 ammo or brass

Post by mickbr »

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Re: .50-95 ammo or brass

Post by rossim92 »

I feel sorry for your shoulder. :shock:
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