Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

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Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

Post by rpalmer »

I would like to replace the front sight on my Rossi carbine with some type of brass bead sight. My carbine has the sight inset into the band at the muzzle end of the barrel. I've noticed that some of the carbines have the sight dovetailed into the barrel behind the front barrel band. Why the difference? I managed to buy Marbles semi buckhorn and a full buckhorn sights years ago. I never was able to find a suitable front sight replacement. Does anyone know where I might look? Thanks
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Ysabel Kid
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Re: Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Not sure, but our very own Steve Young, a.k.a. "Nate Kiowa Jones", the Rossi specialist, frequents here and will hopefully be along shortly. Welcome aboard! :D
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Re: Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

Post by 1886 » Here ya go Bro. Check the top pic. to the left. It can be done. 1886. WELCOME!
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Old Savage
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Re: Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

Post by Old Savage »

I had the same carbine. I know the difference you are talking about. Steve has the solution or a solution pictured on his site.
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rusty gunns
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Re: Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

Post by rusty gunns »

I could be wrong (Which is too often the case) but as I remember, the carbine has the sight on the barrel band and the short rifle has the front sight in a dove tail.

I have the octagon short rifle (20") and its in a dove tail.

But then again, I thought A condominium was a rubber for midgets.

Oh well...
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Re: Rossi Stainess .45 Colt Carbine

Post by Nate Kiowa Jones »

Here's a better more recent picture of that barrel band front sight fix.
This one has the large 3/32" bead. i can do them with the small 1/16" bead in gold or silver.

At one time Marbles offered a .400" base semi buck for the rear. But they no long make those.
This is the setup I'm doing building on the existing rear sight leaf.


I am doing the same setup for the Uberti 1860 Henry's too.


Because the barrel dovetails are too close to the reciever this is the short base buckhorn that fits the Uberti 1860 and 1866 & 1873 carbine.

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