NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

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NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

Post by AJMD429 »


You have a state with an 'assault weapon' ban, a state where you basically cannot get a permit to carry a handgun, and a deranged convicted murderer (he was convicted of murdering his own mother) is let out of jail, and nearly kills a random 'Asian' woman while ranting "you don't belong here". ... man-video/

The attempted-murderer is black, which shouldn't really be an 'issue' one way or the other - EXCEPT that the 'narrative' is that "we need more 'gun control' laws to deal with the 'white supremacists' out there..." :roll:

Notice the attack got multiply-videoed, but nobody intervened, even the 'security guards' nearby. PERHAPS that is a result of both the fact that CCW is only for the wealthy elite in NYC, and reflects a pusillanimous city attitude of just ignoring violent crime.

Now I may just be guessing, but if that attack had happened in a 'redneck' environment where 10% or so of the citizens are packing handguns (....maybe even 'high capacity semiautomatic handguns, chambered for military cartridges' like 9mm... :o ), that Mr. Psychopath would have gotten SHOT the first time he tried to kick an innocent woman, ‘Asian’ or not... One thing that the liberal ‘progressive’ crowd doesn’t seem to understand is that those of us who they label conservative ‘rednecks’ don’t CARE about race, religion, or skin color; we just care about right and wrong, and anyone harming an innocent person around a gun-toting ‘redneck’ is likely going to be stopped, not just videoed to post on Snapchat... :evil:
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Re: NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

Post by gamekeeper »

Those who chose to stand and watch may have been thinking " if I stop that guy he will say he can't breathe and I'll go to jail" or perhaps they were just chicken.
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Re: NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

Post by jeepnik »

Isn't NYC the town where a young woman was murdered and while she was screaming for help the folks just closed their windows? I say wall it off and make a prison of the whole darned thing.
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Re: NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

Post by piller »

D. Brian Casady
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Re: NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

Post by GunnyMack »

jeepnik wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 3:45 pm
Isn't NYC the town where a young woman was murdered and while she was screaming for help the folks just closed their windows? I say wall it off and make a prison of the whole darned thing.
I second that!
I'm 60 miles from that HOLE, only 2 things in that place I'd like to go see, the Beretta showroom and the Natural History Museum. Last time I was in the city I was about 8, family on the way to JFK or Laguardia for a flight. About sunrise we are in some part of the city at a stop light, but laying in the gutter puking, hookers walking down the sidewalk- yeah let the place burn.
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Re: NYC epitomizes Hypocrisy

Post by Grizz »

could possibly paraphrase the title to read that NYC epitomizes human nature. all ya gotta DO is act naturally. . . no different than any other crowded place in the world.
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