The best way to open schools is to close them

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The best way to open schools is to close them

Post by 4t5 »

Lay off the teachers ,put them on unemployment, with the lack of pay, the unions will then find a way for them to come back quick.
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Re: The best way to open schools is to close them

Post by Sixgun »

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Re: The best way to open schools is to close them

Post by Blaine »

Sixgun wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:27 pm
Maybe so....but WHAT I'd like to know is what are they doing with all the money they get from real estate in Pa. you get a bill anywhere from $3,000 (for a cottage) to $25,000 ....(5-7000 sq. ft. McMansions) businesses school taxes are waaaay up there, a year for school taxes.....

No buses so no drivers, fuel, or maintenance heating and air conditioning (minimal) .....minimal maintenance on the buildings, no sports, multitudes of supplies, paper, indoor swimming pools closed, blah..blah......
I agree. Around here the teachers are holding their video classrooms from inside their classrooms...But still, all those support personnel don't have to be there and keep getting paid.
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