Italian involvement in Election Fraud - update...???

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Italian involvement in Election Fraud - update...???

Post by AJMD429 »

From what the story says, I'd not say it "falls apart" but rather it is still short of "proof". Either way, can you even imagine the amount of threats and blackmail that anyone going against that big of a fraud/criminal operation would face....??? I'm sure they would be told in no uncertain terms that loved ones would have 'accidents' of the most gruesome sort if they ever actually brought forth evidence or testified, and that such would happen automatically regardless of whether they prevailed. If I were a bad-guy, that is what I'd tell them, and I'm sure REAL bad-guys would be even more intimidating, and if there has been (and I think there has) this degree of fraud at the highest level, they are definitely the baddest of the bad... ... -scrutiny/

I think there was fraud at all levels - the 'usual' stuff, just more of it, and more willingly ignored by the 'news' media, as well as some high-level coordination. Too many unexplained strange numbers, too many explained simultaneous events, and of course the bottom line - a zero-enthusiasm candidate whose only backers were those who simply hated Trump so much they'd have voted for ANYONE, beating someone who filled every venue with wildly enthusiastic voters, each one a representative for thousands who were too busy working and paying taxes to travel to rallies.
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Re: Italian involvement in Election Fraud - update...???

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You're obviously a conspiracy nut. /s

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