“...Conspiracy Theories...”

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“...Conspiracy Theories...”

Post by AJMD429 »

So if you go by Occam’s Razor, The simplest explanation for a set of circumstances tend to be the most likely to be true, because it requires the fewest things that might not be true to all coincide.

Given that basic premise, which do you think is more likely:

a) That when it comes to choosing who will be seated into what is certainly one of the most powerful half-dozen people in the world, if not THE most powerful,that both national and international influences would be brought to bear behind the scenes to try to influence the results, quite likely in violation of numerous laws,


b) that everything would proceed perfectly legally without attempts to subvert the process, yet hundreds of individuals in numerous nations would somehow come up with testimonies that all tend to agree towards describing the same big picture of powerful forces behind the scenes corrupting the electoral process...???

Once again, the progressive liberal Democrats on the left have been consistent and describing exactly what they do, only accusing the conservatives on the political right of having doing it... :roll:

They recruit foreign interference in elections...yet accuse Republicans of doing so.

They judge everyone by skin color, yet accuse Conservatives of being ‘racist’.

They not only approve, but encourage, violence, yet accuse Trump of doing so.

They obsess with money and materialism as the yardstick to measure one’s life by, yet accuse Republicans of ‘greed’.

They stifle any attempts at open and honest political dialogue, yet accuse Conservatives of being ‘close-minded’.

They despise anyone whose religious beliefs contradict their own (usually atheistic), yet accuse Conservatives of being ‘intolerant’ of other religions.

They are utterly ignorant of basic economics, yet accuse Republicans of perpetuating poverty.

They ignore the Bill of Rights, yet accuse Conservatives of not caring about the Constitution.

They use blacks and gays as political pawns, screwing them every chance they get, to keep them dependent on government ‘protection’, yet accuse Conservatives of ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’.

They ignore and distort international history, yet accuse Republicans of being uneducated xenophobes.

They fabricate fantastic lies, and a complicit ‘news’ media disseminates them, yet they accuse Conservatives of ‘fake news’.

And perhaps most ironic, they come to live in and take advantage of the most diverse, most tolerant, and most successful nation in history (a history they are woefully ignorant of even the most basic understanding of), while they tell those of us who built and maintain this nation how deplorable we all are... :evil:

So.....when they howl about ‘conspiracy theories’, it is just another example of them projecting their own behavior on others; THEY are the ones whose explanation’ for today’s events requires a fantastical imagination and suspension of reality.

Make fun of them if you have to to shut them up; some are sincere and nice people, but just fell in with the wrong crowd, but their naïveté is the same sort of thing that got six million ‘deplorables’ exterminated 80 years ago, so even if it shocks and ‘offends’ the progressives when we challenge their insanity, we really have to do so.
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