ANTIFA was seeded into the protest

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ANTIFA was seeded into the protest

Post by FWiedner »


Police escorted ANTIFA into the area and put them at the front. ... ally-in-dc

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Re: ANTIFA was seeded into the protest

Post by piller »

Can anyone still believe that they are not organized?
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Re: ANTIFA was seeded into the protest

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

What is really interesting is that Nancy Pelosi's laptop was stolen in the incident. There is a rumor that some hard drives were also stolen.

I wonder who has these materials and what they intend to do with it?
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Re: ANTIFA was seeded into the protest

Post by Blaine »

I'm positive ANTIFA carried out a false flag operation. One reason I'm sure is that all the Socialists, nee democrats, and the media rushed in to deny that it happened.
Just the the election fraud, there will be proof of this red flag, but it will gain no traction.
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