...a place called ‘Freedom Square’...

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...a place called ‘Freedom Square’...

Post by AJMD429 »

... Sounds like an awesome place, doesn’t it... 8) 8)

The name evokes images of an environment wholly dedicated to recognizing the fundamental concept of FREEDOM, in its most pure and essential forms.

How appropriate that it would be in the capital city of the first nation in world history to recognize that individual humans with individual freedom are sovereign, and that authoritarian governments have no legitimate authority to take away the freedoms an individual possesses to control his or her destiny.

How appropriate that this nation was the first to recognize freedom of religion, giving God clear authority over moral behavior and over government, yet allowing the individuals to have their own concept of how to worship their God. Without government pretending to become a replacement for God, for the first time in world history, religious conflict became a very minor issue, as eventually did conflicts between races.

Such a nation became a place that people all over the world fled other nations to become part of, because it was obvious that the United States treated all people MUCH more fairly and equally regardless of race or gender or religion or wealth, versus any other nation that existed up to that time. Even the entrenched concept of slavery was doomed for destruction by the Constitution.

Within less than a century, human rights would start to blossom like nowhere else on the planet, with the fundamental basis for it all being the concept of FREEDOM.

Not ‘freedom’ to hurt or abuse other people, nor freedom to take the possessions of other people, nor their labor, because this nation soon ended slavery, which had been a worldwide phenomenon continuously prior to its existence. This new concept of freedom simply meant that individuals and their families should be free from abuse and violence perpetrated by other individuals, or more importantly by any government, because the founders of this nation realized that government takes life and freedom away from individuals to a far greater extent than criminals ever have. Under this new system, instead of government being an oppressive force that merely granted selected freedoms to those with privilege, government was restricted to, and expected to, serve the role of protecting the individual Citizen not only against other citizens, but against any mob, whether they were wearing white hoods, or police uniforms.

How appropriate that that Freedom Square was in a city named after George Washington, who more than any single individual in history, shepherded this fledgling nation as it turned the tables against authoritarianism and dictatorship and tyranny forever, setting the stage for a free-market capitalist society based on individual freedom and rewarding sacrifice and achievement that would rock the world, setting new standards for not only liberty, but lifestyle and achievement and technology and even the use of leisure time to promote recreation and the arts. A system that would see the ‘Greater Good’ finally switch from becoming a mere slogan to soothe the masses, to something that was actually attained via the use of a free market capitalist economy to channel ordinary ‘human greed’ into a positive thing versus something that merely drives a socialist government to enrich the privileged by making shallow and unfulfilled promises to the masses.

“Freedom Square...” What an awesome and symbolic name for what surely must be an awesome place, still revered by its citizens, and honored by its government as a symbol for the restraint a truly civil society must have upon its government. 8)

https://www.oann.com/d-c-police-firearm ... tolerated/

Oh, and by the way, if you want to come to an event at Freedom Square, please be advised that the government will arrest you, fine you tens of thousands of dollars, lock you in jail for a year or more, and forever strip you of the right to own a firearm, or even have a household member have one, if you so much is bring a firearm or firearm accessory to Freedom Square....
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