They are still whining.......

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They are still whining.......

Post by Ray »

about the so called "trump effect" slump in firearms (and ammunition) sales. ... n-backlog/

My rebuttal is that all of the stuff that we love that production was ramped-up in preparation for a probable hildabeast win in 2016 did not languish and moulder on warehouse shelves like the industry leaders intimate, but were sold in due time at the same margins of profits. Yes there were some great bargains early in 2017 but remember the post las vegas shooting panic rush that fall.....Something in the news always seems to trigger these hysterical runs on arms and appurtenances.....

The industry has no one but themselves to blame for being too politically cowardly to have materially invested in additions to current manufactories or even whole new plants.....cci and federal boast of producing a hundred million or more centerfire primers each and every day but obviously that ain't enough !

If you are not aware of the primer and subsequent loaded ammunition shortage, try to buy something !

Ray rant over for now.....
m.A.g.a. !
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Re: They are still whining.......

Post by OldWin »

I fear this is the new ammo and component reality. Whether it really is or not.
It's much cheaper to produce less and then charge over inflated prices.

This sucks.
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