Two serious blows to liberty.....

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Two serious blows to liberty.....

Post by AJMD429 »

1. Trump gets CoronaVirus-19, and
2. Bongino gets a (> neck tumor)... :| :|

But BOTH are crusaders for liberty against the most hateful, bigoted, and violent group we've seen in the past 50 years. Nothing since the Bolsheviks has been this dire.

WE have let them down, because WE have not insisted on REAL 'fairness' in politics. Look at the 'presidential debates' - why don't we INSIST that each candidate choose a moderator for a 'debate', and have two debates - one with the 'Democrat' moderator and one with the 'Republican' moderator. Have three debates if there is a Libertarian, with that candidate picking his/her own moderator. Better yet have WEEKLY debates, with an equal number with 'moderators' chosen from each candidate. Hit ALL of them hard with nasty questions.

Quickly we would see that the 'liberal' candidate is the one who is ignorant, uninformed, intolerant, hateful, violent, and bigoted.

With our current 'Presidential Debate Commission' format we get two far-left 'moderators' and one 'slightly left' one......what a CROCK.... :|

Anyway, we'd better be:

a) PRAYING for the health of Trump, and people like Dan Bongino,
b) WRITING our legislaturds and DEMANDING that they fulfill their Constitutional duties (approving SCOTUS nominees, keeping government functional),
c) DEMANDING that the upcoming election proceeds HONESTLY and fairly, without the convenient 'finding ballots' after election day,
d) DEFYING any 'social media' censorship of 'news' and LEAVING FaceBook, Twitter, and other censorship-loving, socialist-loving 'news' media.
e) REALIZING that ONLY if all the above fails, it is indeed the Second Amendment that could be the ultimate shield to defend the U.S. against tyranny.

As to 'e' - it isn't just a matter of hunkering down in some remote outpost with your AR-15 and 10,000 rounds. It is FAR more likely that you will need to be 'present' to assure that your local legislature or city/county council isn't invaded by the Antifa crowd or other 'progressive' advocates of force and violence.

Advocates of force and violence can sometimes be stopped at the ballot box, or even the soap-box, and IF the 'news' media did their job, we would still have a non-violent and REALLY 'progressive' society, with equal rights for all, and incentives in the 'system' for ALL to work and earn and achieve and succeed. Unfortunately when the 'news' media colludes with the advocates of violence, things may deteriorate.

Do NOT let it become a violent third-world scenario where local 'militias' are duking it out against the government......insist on keeping to the rules of the Constitution.... Yes, 'standing by' with arms could be needed, but there is no role for disorganized violence and mayhem - THAT is what the Democrats want, and that is what they feel can lead to their assuming power.

We need instead to keep focused on the Constitution, and maintaining the Bill of Rights.....if we can but do that (via soap-box, ballot-box, or as last resort, cartridge-box), we will keep the U.S. viable.
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Re: Two serious blows to liberty.....

Post by Grizz »

if someones would read, with suspended disbelief, the Bible book of Revelation, someone would have an entirely different world view.

it is not possible to stop history or to alter it to any significant degree. Even though America is not specified in Revelation, Americans will one day worship the beast, satan, along with the rest of the world. The entire world will experience harsh judgements because of this.

America could PERHAPS escape some judgement to some degree IF America's leadership would sit on the Mall lawn wearing sackcloth with ashes on their heads, AFTER repealing the aggregious anti-Christ laws written into the CFRs.

Short of this there is no amount or politicing or voting or electing or organizing or any other thing that will spare America from the judgements that are coming on the world scene.

I am not writing this to discourage voting, I am writing this because each one of us will stand before Jesus Christ when we die, and there are LOTS OF counterfeit substitutes that people believe, rather than absolute true truth.

it's all in the Bible. it is easy for humans to believe something other than the truth, but ASSUMPTIONS ARE NOT FACTS.

I am writing this because I don't want anyone to miss out on the boat that docks in heaven. If what I am trusting in is anything but the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, in the grave, and his resurrection, if I have ANY OTHER HOPE then I am destined to be lumped together with the fallen angels and satan in the lake of fire.

this is NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE VOTED ON, OR RESISTED, OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY. My hope is that Americans will REPENT, which means CHANGE MY MIND about my need, believe Christ's provision, and accept his offer of forgiveness and eternal life.

this naturally sounds like complete jibberish to unbelievers
. it's the perfect benchmark, and perfectly in line with Christ's declaration,

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. Mathew 10:34

This scene is vividly described in Revelation. I hope someone will be motivated to read it. It is the headlines that will happen.

Regardless how we vote or who we side with politically, it's the forecast of the future in print, available to everyone. The real future is not up for a vote. I'm voting for and praying for President Trump. But my hope is in Christ only.

Believers believe in and trust Christ.
Unbelievers do not.
This is what the Sword will sort out,

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Re: Two serious blows to liberty.....

Post by piller »

Christ came to save us, BUT that salvation comes with a requirement. We must believe and turn away from doing what we know is wrong. Free does not mean that you get it without doing your part. It means no money has to change hands. Revelation is scary!
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