How the Presidential Debate will go...

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How the Presidential Debate will go...

Post by AJMD429 »

This is a quote from a post on Breitbart, and I really think it may be what comes to pass, that is if Biden doesn’t have some kind of an excuse to back out at the last minute.... :|

...This is so predictable. The audience will be 99% Democrat. Biden will wear earpieces feeding him the answers he studied because he got the questions in advance the way Hillary did. And Chris Wallace will interrogate Trump, ask Biden to agree with the interrogation and then cut off Biden so that he doesn't blather and zone out and Wallace will go for a commercial. Then Wallace will come back and accuse Trump of lying because they did a Fox Fake Fact Check. Wallace won't give Trump the ability to respond to Wallaces accusations of lying and move on to support Biden using the same pattern. If Trump does well on a point Wallace will interrupt so that Trump cannot be heard and move on to help Biden then go to a commercial like lowlife cheat Candy Crowley did before she retired with her bonus for selling out. Biden will answer all questions in a general way so he doesn't get mixed up and Wallace will fight Trump for Biden ala Candy Crowley. So that basically Biden can maintain an illusion of power, strength and calmness. Wallace is a vicious Trump hating Democrat. Don't think anyone likes this guy. He's a pushy obnoxious creep...

I’ve never understood why the presidential debate commission always has two from the far left and one from the middle left be the moderators, instead of a true neutral and one from the left and one from the right.

Can you imagine somebody like Ben Shapiro or Tucker Carlson or Candace Owens being the moderator for Sleepy Joe... :twisted:
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Re: How the Presidential Debate will go...

Post by piller »

Any of those three would be a real treat.
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