Imagine if the NRA was doing this...

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Imagine if the NRA was doing this...

Post by AJMD429 »

...rioting and chanting "down with the U.S." and other such stuff...

You know THEY would be charged with all sorts of federal crimes. ... ting-down/

...or what if they had ties with Russia or can see the headlines now - "Trump-supporting group fomenting violent overthrow of government has confirmed ties to Russia..." ... heres-why/

Yet NONE of this news makes it through the 'progressive' bubble the liberal Democrats live within... :roll:
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Re: Imagine if the NRA was doing this...

Post by DocRock »

This is another brilliant act of trolling designed to show how deep in the throes of TDS induced dementia the Democrat-Media establishment are. Following on the heels of Betsy DeVos announcing that her Dept and DoJ would be investigating Princeton for Title IX violations after the University President issued an open letter repeatedly stating that the University was plagued with systemic racism, that racism was baked-into the system at the University, this move by Barr is genius. Putting together a sedition prosecution is very, very difficult and only a handful of the thousands of rioters and looters and arsonists could ever possibly face the charge. But to most sensible Americans, chanting 'Death to America' while firebombing a federal courthouse sounds a lot like sedition. So when Barr says "charge them, dammit" and the Democratic-Media establishment twists their knickers up and screams that 'peaceful protesters are being persecuted by Hitler", it makes sane Americans realize how crazy the Democrat-Media establishment are. It's genius. And it must be so much fun winding the Dems and media up!

For decades, the Leftist glitterati have enjoyed cost-free virtue signaling. The President is sending them a bill.

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