ny man pushed on to subway tracks

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ny man pushed on to subway tracks

Post by 4t5 »

A white transit conductor was pushed off the subway platform onto the tracks, video of the suspect clearly shows a black male, why isn't ny calling this a hate crime? Funny how that legislation only flows in one direction.
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Re: ny man pushed on to subway tracks

Post by AJMD429 »

1. You know darned well that the blacks getting roughed up or killed by cops are INITIATING the encounters by:

a) being criminals, and
b) resisting arrest, AND
c) that the cop would do the exact same thing (statistically they handle whites more violently) if the criminal-in-question were white...so these cops-killing-blacks events are clearly NOT ‘raaacist’ at all... :roll:

2. On the other hand, there is a HIGH likelihood this white was attacked purely because he was white, by an entitled and enraged black, fired up by the Democrats, and therefore WAS VERY LIKELY ‘RACIST* ‘...

(*...conservatives don’t whine, so when they spell the word, it is without the nasal whine [”raaacist” or “incluuusive” or “progresssive”] so emblematic of the ‘progressive’ man-bun trust-fund white snowflakes who support the fascists who Burn, Loot, & Murder...)
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