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Always watch your back...

Post by AJMD429 » ... th-bricks/

....especially if you're walking away from an argument...
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Re: Always watch your back...

Post by Sixgun »

Ya know Doc.....this whole thing is escalating to the point of severe frustration amongst decent law abiding folk........... I'm glad I don't work anymore and have to deal with these subhuman savage the gun club the other day during a match, we were bs'en and Mild Mannered Bob, a great guy with wealth but with the personality of a spare tire spoke up, "ya know guys, these "protesters" need to be taught a lesson and people need to start shooting them." The rest of us looked at each other aghast....Mild Mannered Bob????!!!!!!??

I'm pretty good at predicting future human behavior and have picked out many calamities...... and using common sense and being proactive I have avoided panicked situations that have brought many other people close to nervous breakdowns and therefore helped my family and buddies from unneeded's all easy and is what the old timers called "nipping it in the bud"....and taking nothing to chance...

On November 4th and through the winter this country is going to go through problems that make this current situation look like a walk in the park.........if Trump loses, it will be a 100% set up by the left....if he wins, well, you know.....the crying rooms with coloring books will be overflowing.

Lock and load, have plenty of food and other essentials and ride out the storm with a smile on YO face. :D -----006

(Oh! Just saw gang members in L.A. are targeting cops and making movies about it.....)
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