Clearly Trumps Fault this time....

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Clearly Trumps Fault this time....

Post by AJMD429 »

It looks like this is going to be a really bad hurricane. ... ana-coast/

So...first of all it is Trump’s fault because he’s evil and the Republicans hate the environment and like to club baby seals to death in their spare time.

Also, global warming (....or I mean ‘climate change’ is all because of Republicans).

In fact archaeologists found that the ending of the last Ice Age was exactly the time that 30 generations ago ancestors of George Bush began to dominate clans living in Northern Europe.

The projected 37 inch rise in sea level over the next hundred years is clearly the reason that they’re having 25 or 30 foot storm surges. That extra 3.7 inches that we’ve had 10% of over the past ten years (maybe) really makes a big difference. Just think how much worse 28’7” of surge is versus 28’3”...!!!

Then, however many millions of dollars in damage and lives lost, it will be abundantly clear that had Joe Biden been in charge, no lives would’ve been lost and no property damaged.

The SAD Thing is that there are millions of supposedly highly intelligent Democrats (I know that is an oxymoron) who actually think that way...
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Re: Clearly Trumps Fault this time....

Post by DocRock »

You had me until "highly intelligent Democrats"...
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