Lots of Walking-Away from the Dumbascraps

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Lots of Walking-Away from the Dumbascraps

Post by AJMD429 »

People like this woman https://youtu.be/mf9Ax_2RosA, and people of course like Candace Owens https://youtu.be/oRZJGXH7wzg and Brandon Straka https://youtu.be/ssNEJD3xC8A and others.

I'll bet it really irritates the Dumbascraps to lose blacks and gays - they thought they could keep them in their pocket.

I've been showing Straka's clip to lots of Democrats, and it irritates ALL of them, but makes a few of them actually do something they aren't used to - - - THINK - - - :lol:

It is pretty hilarious to think that a gay dude is more afraid and gets more threats for 'coming out' as a 'conservative', than they faced telling 'conservative' friends and relatives that they were gay, yet the Dumbascraps are the ones bragging about how 'incluuuuuusive' they are... :roll:

Maybe the next thing will be to get them to actually think about 'global warming'.....er....I mean....'climate change'....https://youtu.be/VxWYglbtqnQ... :D
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