A pivotal debate, if not a 'raw' one...

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A pivotal debate, if not a 'raw' one...

Post by AJMD429 »

The 'black vote' is going to be pivotal in the next 90 days, and although nearly all the black people I deal with support Trump wholeheartedly, because they actually spend time reading and learning and watching the REAL news, and realize that the Democrats are terrible not just for everyone at large, but especially for the black people.


Eloquent and intelligent people like Candace Owens, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elders, Katrina Pierson, and others, have proven time and again that the Trump 'agenda' and the whole 'MAGA' thing is the only way to end racism, and get the blacks to be fully functional and powerful AND respected people in the U.S., far too many blacks can't process beyond the sound-bytes and campaign-slogans, and only are exposed to the leftist 'mainstream' so-called 'news' media, and reflexively say "Trump is a racist".

That is ALSO the same for whites, by the way - far too many can't process beyond the sound-bytes and campaign-slogans, or don't even bother. But the difference is that the 'white' vote is pretty locked-in, but the 'black' vote has been 90% Democrat, and is now potentially transitioning back to Republican party. Whether or not they get to the numbers needed hinges completely on whether the 'ordinary' black citizens are exposed to dialogues like this meeting, and if they actually are willing to vote Trump, or not.
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Re: A pivotal debate, if not a 'raw' one...

Post by Old Savage »

What had the dems panicked is that though Trump only got about 10% among Black voters he was double that coming in to all this. Now I suspect that all the lawless unrest is increasing his percentage. Among Hispanics similar situation. I further suspect that all the political uproar will just magnify that. Dem cities burning can't be a good advertisement. Big jobs report just came out. Only thing the left can do is more of the same, drive more people off and make them afraid. Guns and ammo sales through the roof here in Cali, new shooters who want protection.

So the more the left wants to drive their racist story the more they push most groups in the other direction. The prospect of a Black female VP maybe be popular with some but very unpopular with others. Faces like Pelosi, Schumer and the mayors and govs in the cities burning states can't be a plus.

Like handicapping a horse race. What factors will weigh out?
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Re: A pivotal debate, if not a 'raw' one...

Post by octagon »

OS here's a factor for your consideration, remember G. Ferrarro, or S. Palin?..
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Re: A pivotal debate, if not a 'raw' one...

Post by FWiedner »


I feel a need to point out that Sarah Palin was not the element that dragged that particular political campaign off the trail and into the woods.

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