When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

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When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by AJMD429 »

As usual - Bongino puts it well - https://youtu.be/wqT1IjaLFnI

Numbers from past couple years (yes, there are variations in reporting but these were in the middle of the pack):

k = # cops killed by criminals yearly = 48
c = # cops in U.S. total = 686,665
b = # blacks killed by police yearly = 235
n = # blacks in U.S. total = 37,144,530

k/c = 0.0000699
b/n = 0.00000633

So....More than TEN TIMES as many police are killed by criminals as are blacks killed by police, and nearly all of the blacks (and whites) killed by police are in the process of violently resisting arrest and/or harming police or others.

On the other hand, the cops being killed by criminals are just out there trying to do their job and help others.

The prissy spoiled snowflake crowd and their race-baiting and gangbanger illegal-alien friends should all go live in some third-world socialist feces-hole country and leave the law-abiding people here. :evil:
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Re: When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by Grizz »

had too much already

stocking up
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Re: When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by piller »

I have some time coming up soon. Going to reload a bunch of stuff.
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Re: When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by barbarossa »

The youth today are both lazy and naive.They are lazy in wanting a government to tell them what to think,how to react ,what to believe and will trade off their personal freedoms for a free ride.If the socialists win they will be in for a rude awakening some day and they will see then how far they will get with protests in the street
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Re: When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by Nickn10 »

If the last 3 months are an indication of how "we the people" will react, I'm shamed to think the home of the brave is diminishing to a minority.
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Re: When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by Sixgun »

Geeze......SIMPLE.......we will have had enough when THEY come on OUR turf......in the meantime, I really don't care that they are destroying their own ghettos.

You figure, most of us here like our freedom so why risk it on the behavior of subhuman second generation uprights that are being used like wet rags by the white radical left.

I hope no one here thinks it's all about George Floyd....

As long as they stay where they are, fine. There's more of us than there are of them. Plus, the intelligence level is 10-1 with the "10" in our favor.------6
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Re: When WILL we have 'had enough'....???

Post by FWiedner »


"We" have already had enough. The next question is: When will "We" take action?

Sitting around waiting for the government to do something to defend American citizens is no different than sitting around waiting for a welfare check.

Government office attracts the power-mad, yet it's people who just want to be left alone to live life on their own terms who are considered dangerous.
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