Stacey Abrams has it partially right....

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Stacey Abrams has it partially right....

Post by AJMD429 »

She's not quite as dumb as she looks....she indicated the Constitution 'began voter discrimination', and she is right - sort of - in fact the Constitution limited voting to landowning heads of households (they assumed 'males'), assuring that ONLY those with a vested interest in their community, and enough of an ability to contribute to their community that they had attained landowner status. ... ppression/

Wrongly they excluded blacks, which if heads of households, should have been allowed to vote. Perhaps wrongly they should have simply said 'one household, one vote', but it was at the time a reasonable cultural calculation to say 'male property owners'.

Certainly when women began to vote also, and with 'children' voting now in the sense that the age to be mature enough to head a household (properly) and well-enough educated to understand civics and history and politics, is probably now around 30 years of age, versus the 18 years of age back-in-the-day, now we see far more voters choosing the 'nanny-state' versus when there was one-vote-per-head-of-household.
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Re: Stacey Abrams has it partially right....

Post by Blaine »

STASI Abrams....there, I fixed it.

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