A Brit on the U.S. Gun Buying 'panic'...

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A Brit on the U.S. Gun Buying 'panic'...

Post by AJMD429 »


Pretty interesting view - alot like Bongino's....
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Re: A Brit on the U.S. Gun Buying 'panic'...

Post by gamekeeper »

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Re: A Brit on the U.S. Gun Buying 'panic'...

Post by LeverLuvr »

I think what would be more telling is the number of new gun "owners", rather than the number of new gun "sales". However, I have no doubt that both numbers have gone up significantly and would rather call it a call to arms than a panic. I sometimes wonder, at what point does it become an actual civil war and we can fight back without our own laws persecuting us for defending ourselves and the constitution. I love my country but wonder if maybe we have become "too" civilized to the point we have become complacent to the idea of actually fighting amongst our own people at a level of war. I'd rather we all just stop fighting with each other and share a banana split sundae, but I'm also fed up with liberal wacko's getting away with the murder of our country. Aren't there some kind of laws regarding treason against the country on the books. Love it or leave it I say. Accept it or be stripped and deported. Rioting is NOT protesting, it an act of war as I see it. They are perpetrating deadly violence against our citizens and land.
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