Things ARE getting out of hand....

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Things ARE getting out of hand....

Post by AJMD429 »

As I mentioned in another 'general' post referencing Dan Bongino's podcast ( ), things are getting out of hand.

The 'news' (or 'social' - for the biggest voting block now - the 'millennials') media is pulling anything 'conservative' but fueling and funding and promoting anything 'leftist' - ... oo-groups/

The government is willing to distort or fabricate 'crime data' to make certain voting blocks look good (blacks) and others look bad (whites) - ... s-release/

The government is willing to use tax dollars to promote an anti-president, anti-government agenda that any 'private' institution would be arrested for - ... ks-finest/ ... ay-for-it/

AND - we will LOSE the Supreme Court pretty soon unless Trump is in office another four years - ... ay-retire/ - remember Roberts is a RINO LEFTIST.... :evil:
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