Lafayette Square versus Tiananmen Square....

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Lafayette Square versus Tiananmen Square....

Post by AJMD429 »

So the SnowFlake Crowd thinks Orange Man's government MEAN cuz they used pepperballs to enforce relocation of 'protesters' throwing bricks . . . but Yellow Man's killing hundreds of non-violent students was ok...

Of course the U.S. government, with its contract quotas, Affirmative Action, and willingness to lump Michael Brown in with Breonna Taylor, is far more "institutionally raaacist" than the Chinese, with their prison camps and segregated dining.

And the U.S. is not "incluuuuusive" like the Chinese, either. They even are more altruistic....look at all the organ donation happening there....!

So while in Tiananmen Square and Hong Kong they protest for basic human rights, against a violent and unresponsive government, in the U.S. what started out as legitimate protests against wrongful police tactics, has morphed into looting for televisions and jewelry and fashion-shoes, and demands for more preferential treatment of blacks. The politicians have been injured not by rioters, but tripping over each other to offer the biggest handouts so they will get elected.

The LEGITIMATE protesters once again get drowned out by the race-baiters, and yet the hue and cry will be that Orange Man not doing enough... :roll:

They'd better be glad they aren't in Yellow Man's country - I think the ranks would already be rolling....
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