Who are the "ignorant racists" in the U.S...?

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Who are the "ignorant racists" in the U.S...?

Post by AJMD429 »

Well....watch until the end of this short video, and the black People will tell you....!

(...hint....it isn't any of 'us' here.... :lol: )
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Re: Who are the "ignorant racists" in the U.S...?

Post by Ray »

There is a black televangelist i used to watch but last week he dressed in a bizzare black and rainbow coloured clerical livery and said adamantly and emphatically that the fact that negroes are suffering disproportionately from the chinomicrobe is my fault !

Huh ? ! ?
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Re: Who are the "ignorant racists" in the U.S...?

Post by 6pt-sika »

Oh yeah the idiot what appeared to be college age folks are bleeding heart liberals that want to fix the underprivileged poor destitute . Now then how in the F can you have an election that allows people to vote without identification ? No ID and what keeps them from voting a bunch of times in different locations .
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