I Think We All Know This.....

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I Think We All Know This.....

Post by Blaine »

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Re: I Think We All Know This.....

Post by Grizz »

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Re: I Think We All Know This.....

Post by piller »

We have to wear masks at work, but yesterday a store manager from 4459 was at the store I was working at and he did not have a mask on. The masks are to protect other people from you. I guess he had the political pull to butt-sume that he was not a danger.
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Re: I Think We All Know This.....

Post by AJMD429 »

I've read lots about masks, from the medical literature I get, as well as the hospital stuff my spouse gets (she works in a pulmonary care CoVD19 unit), and there is really no consensus as to what they protect from, who they protect, and how well they protect.

Better than nothing, most likely, but they remind me of a Kevlar vest - partial protection only. If part of a package including gloves, gowns, laminar air-flow, and so on, they are excellent, but if used alone, not specifically-fitted to the person, and not used properly - mostly they are a symbolic gesture.

I still respect the private-property rights of stores to require them though.

Just not government.
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