Perhaps bullet-proof vests should be banned...

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Perhaps bullet-proof vests should be banned...

Post by AJMD429 »

....for legislators, that is.

They made a big deal out of being so fearful of the citizens that they donned bullet proof vests last week in Michigan, but why should they have yet another freedom they would gleefully deny the citizens...?

They don't want citizens to have firearms, and many of them don't want citizens to have Kevlar vests, yet they have tons of money, so they don't have to rely on public transportation, their vehicles are reliable, they often live in gated and patrolled communities, have secure dwellings, good locks, alarm systems, and all the things money can buy, which they will so graciously 'allow' the peasants to have (if we could afford them). However when it comes to guns and vests, these legislators seem to feel they are totally above the peasants.

They don't think they should have to 'fear the citizens'. I agree, but the best way not to have to fear the citizens is to quit taking their money, and quit taking their freedom. Once you start taking things from people, especially money and freedom, tempers flare, and the intensity of it all gets way too hot. At that point someone is going to fear someone, and when the citizen fears the government it is too late, you have successful tyranny; when the government fears the citizen you have attempted tyranny, and when neither has to fear you have a Constitutional Republic.

It would be nice to keep it at the Constitutional Republic phase, but some of these anti-gun, anti-freedom nutcases in the government seem to think otherwise.
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Re: Perhaps bullet-proof vests should be banned...

Post by David »

Just curious, how many people have a bullet proof vest?

I have a vest it is very old, it is actually my second since I was shot once before.
I now have purchased a bullet proof coat.
A few close family thought maybe I was bit overboard but considering what's happening around here now and then I almost got car jacked a couple months ago, thoughts have changed.
I live not far outside of Chicago and I go nowhere unarmed anymore.

I hope the Democrat party does include a grab your gunner, I think that would be a death platform.
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