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Post by AJMD429 »

Your spouse can’t even borrow your gun without notifying the authorities...😳 ...

I guess if 75 million Trump voters can get an election stolen, 90 million gun owners can get their guns taken...😕

My friends all say “that’s not gonna happen,” or “the NRA will clean that up,” or “well I’ll bury mine before I’ll hand them in,” or even “they’ll get my bullets before my guns.”

So let’s look at those one-by-one...

As for not happening here, those are famous last words heard all over the world before all sorts of horrible things happened. Everyone was just sure that the election wasn’t going to be stolen from Trump and yet it sure did.

As for the NRA cleaning it up, there isn’t anything that can be cleaned up other than eliminating the complete bill and booting out of office any congressman who even voices support for it. I don’t see that happening either, especially given how few of the gun owners in the US actually belong to the NRA or contribute to the NRA or even participate at all politically. Everyone asks “what are ’they’ going to do about this?” without realizing that WE have to be the ‘they’; nobody is going to magically do it for us.

As for the third option, that pretty much drives the entire ‘gun culture’ underground, assuring that in a single generation we will have a population whose only experience of firearms is in whatever entertainment the media puts out, which will pretty much be negative. It also means that you would be violating federal law and face 10 year mandatory prison and mandatory quarter-million dollar fines for each ‘occurrence’. Good luck fighting a clear ‘federal firearms violation’ in the courts these days.

Then there is the last option. It may be the most romantic and dramatic of them all, but the only legacy you would leave behind would just be a bloodstain someplace in your house or on your driveway, and it would do absolutely no good to preserve Freedom, because the news media would simply spin it that some crazy gun owner was shooting and killing law enforcement officers. The news media isn’t going to talk about any Second Amendment principles, because you would be demonized and probably written off as a ‘drug dealer’ or ‘possessor of child pornography’ or whatever corrupt law-enforcement agencies could plant on your person or in your home to find as ‘evidence’ that you were such an evil person. So instead of doing some thing boring and unromantic like contacting legislators (and for those who are retired and have the time, actually meeting with them), and stopping this kind of nonsense so our grandchildren can live safely in a free and prosperous nation, this simply means the grandchildren will grow up knowing they had some crazy relative who is in prison or who died in a shoot-out because he was some kind of a crazy gun nut, and the children will live in a freedom-less police state; what a great ‘sacrifice’ to make going out in that blaze of glory - you sure showed them a thing or two...! :roll:

If just ten per cent of gun owners would write ALL their federal and state legislators and state Attorney Generals and Governors NOW, demanding preemption against not only any ‘bans’ but also against ANY ‘registration’, and send a letter every week, that would be 9 million letters, emails, and faxes to each of the federal legislators, and an average of 180,000 to each state official. Every week. That would get their attention.

What I don’t get is why this isn’t happening...???

I send out 9 emails, 9 faxes, and 9 postage letters every week, and it takes all of 30 minutes. Gun has an easy way to get your politicians’ contact info. Not hard. 5 bucks a week for envelopes and postage.
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Re: HR-127

Post by gamekeeper »

When I started to watch the video I thought to myself this is like the UK laws on steroids BUT as I watched it became obvious that this was FAR FAR WORSE. Even the idiots we have making up ridiculous gun laws haven't come up with anything as ludicrous as this.... :shock: $800 a year just to own a firearm makes the NRA membership seem ridiculously cheap.

From experience a lot of gun owners will say " well I only have a shotgun and a .22 it won't be too bad for me to cooperate " well shotguns and .22s are not sacred and will be in the next round of restrictions. :roll:

If this bill ever gets through it will remain in force no matter who is President in the future. You have my sympathy and prayers for the upcoming fight. God Bless America.
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Re: HR-127

Post by Blaine »

Those People have got the board all set up for a checkmate.
Maybe there will be some relief with the midterms?
Maybe SCOTUS can shut it down before the court gets packed.

Those People that will shove this down our throats do not read their mail, and their functionaries won't pass it along.
Welcome to the Leverguns.Com General Discussions Forum. This is a high-class place so act respectable. We discuss most anything here other than politics... politely.
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Re: HR-127

Post by 1894cfan »

And biden is purging the military of anyone that would appose his orders to go door to door and confiscate weapons and arrest or kill anyone that contests said confiscation of those weapons! Ya makes yer choices and takes yer chances! :shock:
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