I think I want a B model 53

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I think I want a B model 53

Post by Tycer »

I see a few Browning model 53s occasionally listed with full length mag tubes. I assume these were set up for SASS? If so, would match use wear them IN or out?
What would the odds be that the action was slicked?
Would the full mag tube increase or decrease the value in relation to an as new one?
Would the full tube adversely effect the handling and balance?

Thanks 🙏🏼
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Re: I think I want a B model 53

Post by Sixgun »

Only you or the individual handling those guns could answer those questions or possibly an honest answer from the seller.....as to value, well, they are never going to be collectors guns in our lifetime but they will hold their own, not decreasing in value unless they get beat. These guns, unlike junk from S.A. or Italy will fire and work solidly for thousands and thousands of rounds.....

An original gun...Winchester/Marlin .... such altered I wouldn't buy, unless it was altered without d&t or cutting a dovetail.

I did that conversion to a Marlin CL in 25-20.....simple.....just changed out the mag tube and spring from a Marlin 357 and cut a dovetail towards the end of the barrel for fitting. I filled in the factory dovetail with a blank and fitted it so you only see a hair line. Is it worth less? Not unless it's a NIB specimen...as a shooter I would consider it an advantage, buts that's me as I've always preferred a full mag.----006
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Re: I think I want a B model 53

Post by .45colt »

My .02
1. it would wear it in. it would be like a 100 year old gun......smooooooth.... :D
2.if their serious about sass it most likely is slicked up .
3. it would decrease the value , but if it was used for sass it will have handling wear and cart dings. = reasonable price.
4. I can't see it wrecking the balance.
If I saw one set up like this at a decent price it is one of the few guns I would buy anymore. Good Luck, and show us pictures.!!
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Re: I think I want a B model 53

Post by Nate Kiowa Jones »

Over the years I've done a few and all got action work too.
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