loose skin

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loose skin

Post by JNG »

When I retired I weighed 300+. A year and a half ago I got tired being fat (size pants 52). I watched what I ate, slowly the pounds came off. It was tough at
first, then it was easier as time went on. Now I could not eat as much what I did years ago.
I now weigh 214.
Problem, I have a slew of loose skin in my gut and arms and tits.
I will not go under the knife to get rid of it. Any of you folks can help me tighten my gut?
We have been married for 38 years, so it is not about being suave (she knows how to shoot a gun).
Thank you,
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Re: loose skin

Post by FLINT »

There is not any one specific thing that will make it go away. Stay active and eat healthy. Your body should be able to slowly tighten it back up. Our bodies are constantly rebuilding and eventually it will catch up with your new shape. Since you said that you've retired, I'm guessing that you aren't a young man, so as you know the process is going to be slower than if you were 20. I'll say again, maintain activity as much and in whatever ways you are able. That is absolutely the best thing for our bodies (and our minds) as we get older.

oh and congrats on the weight loss. I personally know how hard it is to make that committment and follow through with it. so hat's off to you and your success!!
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Re: loose skin

Post by marlinman93 »

Congratulations on the massive weight loss! That takes a lot of effort to lose that much weight!
I had health issues during covid stuff this year, and by the time they approved surgery I went from 212 lbs. to 177 lbs. in a couple months. I too can see extra loose skin, even with a smaller weight loss. But even after just 4-5 months since the weight loss, I can see my skin is very slowly tightening up. Since I'm 70 years old I didn't expect much elasticity, or change, but it does seem to be improving slowly.
I think without surgery you're probably going to never lose all the excess skin, but likely some of it will gradually shrink as you maintain your new weight loss.
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