Anyone here done a Form-1 SBR...?

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Anyone here done a Form-1 SBR...?

Post by AJMD429 »

I really like the Ruger PC Charger pistol, but of course it is heavy, and ungainly, so an arm-brace really helps. It is probably going to become the household bump-in-the-night gun because it is the most intuitive for my wife to shoot, and is handy, and well-set-up for the task. Since in that capacity I'm going to keep the Mystic suppressor on it anyway, so it will be an 'NFA' thing from a regulatory standpoint, I'm considering converting it to a SBR, so there won't be any 'question' about what kind of arm-brace or stock is on it.

How involved is that process...? What are the downsides...?

(My wife just hates the 'charging handle' of the AR's, but likes the right-side handles like the Mini-14, Garand, and M1A - however discharging any of those in the house just might not be much fun, even with a suppressor, plus the guns are all pretty ungainly for in-house maneuvering. I do have a side-charging AR I'm thinking about setting up in 300 Blackout, and I do like my MechTech 20-shot 45 ACP carbine [1911 doublestack set up as carbine], but the former isn't set up yet and the latter lacks a threaded barrel [and I lack a 45 caliber can anyway :( ].)
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Re: Anyone here done a Form-1 SBR...?

Post by fordwannabe »

Doc, I know it’s a little different but my brother and a friend from work both just Did form 1’s for suppressors. Not hard YouTube videos available and both were returned in under 30 days. Good luck. I would really like to do a Rossi with a 13 barrel in 45LC.
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Re: Anyone here done a Form-1 SBR...?

Post by Grizz »

this just out: there is an integrally suppressed keltec sub 2000. my sub 2000 is my house gun. WAY lighter AND way more easier for my wife to manage. 20 round mags. mine is 9mm, which is just about right for the context. I looked and looked and looked for one in 40 but never found one, ever... mine is unfolded and and has a big mag in it and is close to hand. i think it's a lot less louder than the 12ga. :lol: and it's just easier, cruising around the house studying the fields of fire and resulting background damage zones... the sub 2000 is lighter and handier than the lightest ar15 pistol I have. the charging bolt is under the buffer tube. altogether a quality tool
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