Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

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Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

Post by Old No7 »

Hey gang.

Just a quick note that I connected with JReed, aka Jeremy "Gunny" (USMC retired) Reed by text today and he's doing well, despite the heat and all other CA related issues. He and Dee and the 2 boys are all doing well, with his oldest still on active USMC duty out east in NC.

I reached out to him after seeing John's (gamekeeper) birthday wishes, as it's been 3 years since I last saw him in person (below, when he tried to sell me a boat). :wink:


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Re: Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

Post by Pisgah »

You reached out in friendship to a guy after he tried to sell you a boat? You are a noble, forgiving soul... :lol:
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Re: Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

Post by gamekeeper »

I noticed that Jeremy hadn't been posting for a while when I posted his birthday, glad to hear he is doing okay.... :D
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Re: Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Well done! :D :D :D
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Re: Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

Post by Griff »

Certainly one of the great ones this Forum has had as a member... You've been missed Gunny!
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Re: Connected with "Gunny" JReed Today

Post by Rusty »

I see him post a bit on a Facebook page called City Steading brews. He has been experimenting with making mead lately. They also have a Youtube channel if anyone is interested.
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