Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

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Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

Post by Shasta »

I have several rifles equipped with Montana Vintage Arms sights and scopes, which are to me the best to be had. I recently somehow managed to snap off the windage adjustment knob on my Browning BPCR rifle's Creedmoore rear scope mount while removing the rifle from an over-crowded gun safe. I sent the mount back to MVA for repair. I had it back in less than three weeks with a number of new parts installed. The charge;

Zip, nada, nothing. They even paid the return shipping. I hope to be buying more of their products in the future especially with customer service like that! :D

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Re: Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

Post by Sixgun »

I'll agree....they made me a 36" er for the Hi Wall with extra dovetail mounts so i can use the same scope on an 1881 Marlin or any other rifle with a 28-30" barrel. Even their dovetail mounts are a work of beauty with the color case hardening. I've had it on 4 different rifles with minimal sight adjustments.

What I am amazed about is how the scope they shipped me from Montana to Pa. actually arrived unsmashed.....they ship a $1200 scope in a styrofoam and cardboard box about 3-4" square and 40" long....ideal for a quick bend.

Yea...good dudes with excellent customer service.----6
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Re: Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

Post by Marvin S »

I have a set of their midrange vernier and spirit level globe on a 1885 Hi Wall 38-55 copy. Top notch quality sights.
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Re: Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

Post by marlinman93 »

MVA makes a lot of great sights, scopes, and 1885 Winchester actions and parts. Always great service, and Cheryl is great to work with on phone orders.
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Re: Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

Post by 3leggedturtle »

Its great when a company treats you with courtesy and takes care of you....
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Re: Kudos to Montana Vintage Arms

Post by Bullard4075 »

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