Cabot "Gunstock" Stain and B-C "Genuine Oil" Finish

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Cabot "Gunstock" Stain and B-C "Genuine Oil" Finish

Post by Old No7 »

I know many stockmakers have their favorites stains or colors, and finishes too, but these items might be of interest for the tinkerers on here and/or those of us who like to do things ourselves.

I recently stumbled upon the above -- the Cabot Stains "Gunstock" color -- and bought it mainly because of the name without having a project in mind. Now after just my first use, I am really pleased with the color and results. This was also my 2nd use of Birchwood-Casey's newest version of Tru Oil called "Genuine Oil", which has a satin or low gloss finish.

The subject rifle for this project was a Winchester 1885 High Wall in .38-55 of recent make. The case-colors on the receiver were very nicely done, but it had a rather BLAND looking brown buttstock and the forearm wasn't any better either. The finish used on those recent Winchesters was a wipe-on oil, and not the HARD high-gloss finish that Browning used to use on their High Walls or BLRs. (I know... As I once tried to strip a BLR before -- and not very successfully either!) By testing the stock in one small spot, I found the Winchester oil finish would indeed accept some additional stain wiped on top of it without needing to strip it all off.

So... I took a chance and wiped on one coat of the Gunstock stain on the buttstock and forearm...

Below is an image of the buttstock before (rather plain), and after (1 coat of the "Gunstock" stain):
Winch 1885 Stock B4-after.jpg

The combined cell phone images do a pretty good job showing the difference before & after, and in my hands the High Wall's stock now looks a whole lot better to me. It added just the right amount of what my late father would have called "Winchester Red" into the stock. In fact, the stain goes on "very red" until it's wiped evenly,

After that coat dried, I wiped on one more coat of the stain to ensure even coverage. Then I added 8 coats of hand-rubbed "Genuine Oil" on top. Not too many folks know that finish is available as an option, but it saves all the hassle of knocking the high sheen off of the glossy Tru Oil finish.

I'd used the B-C "Genuine Oil" before on my Savage 99 refinishing project (prior to the outsourced checkering job) and it worked great, giving me the look I wanted on that stock. The finish is hard, waterproof, low-gloss and easily repairable if it's ever dinged out in the woods.

Hope this helps someone with their next project.

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Re: Cabot "Gunstock" Stain and B-C "Genuine Oil" Finish

Post by Larkbill »

Wow! Beautiful. I've never tried overstaining like that but I can't argue with the success.

That's great that Tru Oil has a product like that, wasn't aware. For the last 20 years I've been using a product I bought at a gun show. You apply it by hand, then sand in with very fine wet r dry paper. Finish by rubbing with your hands. The heat and friction causes it to set. You don't waste material by buffing it off with steel wool, it all stays on the wood.

I've been very happy with it but now it's almost gone and I don't see it at the shows any more.
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Re: Cabot "Gunstock" Stain and B-C "Genuine Oil" Finish

Post by piller »

Looks good.
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Re: Cabot "Gunstock" Stain and B-C "Genuine Oil" Finish

Post by fordwannabe »

Very Nice.
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Re: Cabot "Gunstock" Stain and B-C "Genuine Oil" Finish

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Looking good! :mrgreen:
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