Richard Muennink

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Richard Muennink

Post by RKrodle »

Some of ya'll will remember Richard from past Levergun hunts in Hondo, Texas, along with 86er. Richard past away last night from COVID 19. Thoughts and prayers for Richards Family.

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Re: Richard Muennink

Post by 3leggedturtle »

Sorry to hear. My condolences to his family. Todd/3leg
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Re: Richard Muennink

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Darn. Prayers up indeed.
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Re: Richard Muennink

Post by Sixgun »

Sorry to hear that....we talked a bit via PM..nice guy.

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Re: Richard Muennink

Post by piller »

Prayers for his family sent. His wife is a pleasant lady. She brought us a meal once when we were looking for a Scimitar Horned Oryx. His Daughter seemed pleasant. Only met her once. Richard was quite a character. He always wanted you to have a good time when you hunted there. Both times I was there hunting, it was fun. The time my Daughter got that elk was fun. I didn't hunt that time. Lot of mud, and that elk gave us a workout.
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Re: Richard Muennink

Post by Blaine »

Condolences and prayers for the loss of your friend.
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Re: Richard Muennink

Post by FWiedner »


Just saw this.

Sad news. Richard was good people.

Praying for his fine family.

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