New look for gun forums

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New look for gun forums

Post by mikld »

First off, I'm not some old, stiff necked codger unable to accept change. I have been using computers in my work and at home for many years (since '86?) and use mine daily (I have immediate access to the world's largest source of information). But I really don't like the trend of reloading, shooting, general gun stuff forums going "new age". Because of retirement and health reasons I spend a lot of time on line and gun forums are my favorite and now three have gone "New Age Cutie". They look like a teen age girl art student designed them. All the pastels, "Miami Vice" colors and the odd fonts. I can deal with changes in formats and navigating with no problems but on the three "updated" forums that I see have changed they are bordering on offensively ugly ( is the least offensive). I like to visit forums for information and entertainment and these new forums' formats make those two very difficult. I wouldn't use a dictionary or reloading manual that had weird color schemes, mixed funky pastels and "hues" and "modern" fonts (?). I go to forums for info, "hangin' with the fellers" and entertainment and just want to read, not marvel at all the pretty colors.

I know nuttin' will come of my complaints and this trend will probably continue, but I've dropped one forum (Gray Beard's) and may drop another (Beartooth forum), and question my attendance ( is the first forum visit each day as it had excellent information from experienced members, good "moral input", and a good humor). I've been a member since 2007 and although I don't post a lot, because I may not have anything constructive to add to a thread and I won't post just to get noticed or build my post count. My decision is still pending (and please no "don't go we need you" posts)...

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Re: New look for gun forums

Post by TraderVic »

Like yourself, I read & listen way more than I post. Maybe in my case this is a good thing. Anyway, I've read similar comments in other forums (Shootersforum, about changes in the structure, format(s), etc., I reckon it is what it is. The administrators said the new formats were easier to run & maintain.
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Re: New look for gun forums

Post by jeepnik »

Some forums allow you to pick a color scheme. check your settings.
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Re: New look for gun forums

Post by Ray »

Almost any board, appearance wise is better to me than those bright, white ones with the crass, vulgar tabloid click-bait ads at the bottom of the page.
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Re: New look for gun forums

Post by Rusty »

I used to visit Graybeards a lot more when I was heavy into the H&R Handi Rifles. They have so many sub forums there now it make it hard for me to find my way around. Even though I'm now retired Leverguns is my most visited forum.
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Re: New look for gun forums

Post by Booger Bill »

The new Colt site bugs me. I cant find my way around it and am close to giving up on it. I think I was born 100 years too soon.
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