Are we there yet?

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Are we there yet?

Post by Rusty »

Hey guys, my old laptop died and I knew there was going to be some changes made here on the board so I didn't try to jump right back in with everything else going on. I could watch but not respond to anything. Is the board as it is now pretty much what it will be from now on?
Just wondering? Thanks.
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Re: Are we there yet?

Post by AmBraCol »

Hey, Rusty.

I've not checked with David, we're both fairly busy, but this is pretty much where we are going to be for a while. He might have some tweaks yet to do, but it will be minor stuff. The reason for the change is the change in software. As they've done upgrades to the system that runs the board they reached a point where the old template is no longer supported. So David did some searching and came up with this one - which seems to be working OK for most of us. I know it seems like a collapsable stock and M-Loc heat guard on an original Winchester 73 to some of the guys, but we didn't have much choice. We've not got a more stable and secure environment to run the forum on. The paint job we see is due to the unavailability of the old paint.
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