New R92s by CBC - possible changes?

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New R92s by CBC - possible changes?

Post by Havarti »

Just bought this new rossi about a week ago and was surprised to see a new marking on the barrel.
From what I understand this is just a company that recently aquired rossi, however there are some small changes. For one, the wood seems a lot nicer than before, I don't know if it is the finish but it feels much better than the older rossis. Another change is the safety on the bolt no longer has F and S and instead has a red dot indicating it is ready to fire. I included a picture of it below but the red coloring on the dot is gone due to brak-cleen.
The last and most unexpected change is that it appears the firing pin stop pin (part #29 in the manual) is now serrated on one end like the lever and bolt pin.
I can't say for certain this is the case because I, for the life of me, cannot seem to drive this pin out no matter what, however in the pics I posted you can kind of see on the left side of the bolt that the pin may have serrations. I just wanted to let you guys know and was wondering if I could get some help getting this pin out.
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