22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

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22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

Post by Old No7 »

You can file this gun under "You don't hear about too many of these on this site", but I think it's pretty cool. :wink:
I think one of the reasons why I like it is it's different and not everybody has one. As weird as that sounds...
But it is very versatile for the fall woods in Maine.

I finally got my "Unbekannter Hersteller" (Unknown Maker) German Drilling (3-barrels) out to the range to begin the process of sighting in the Krieghoff .22 Mag barrel insert (called an "Einstecklauf"). I spent some time before firing the first shots bore-sighting the 8mm rifle barrel onto a target at 50 yard, and then adjusting the German 1.5-6X Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope to be close to that. The scope sure isn't as easy to adjust as the Leupold scopes I'm used to, but using some info found online (either from the German Gun Collectors or the DoubleGun site) I got it done. That was made easier after removing all of the old dried grease from under the top plate and ring of the elevation turret, as was recommended. Windage is adjusted in the claw mounts.

This image shows the impact of one round from the 8mm Mauser barrel hitting at 3 o'clock using the iron sights and an informal rest (in hindsight, I really should have fired at least 3 rounds); and above it, there's a tight 3-shot group from the 22 Mag using the scope -- all shot from 50 yards. I think this confirms that the little 9" barrel of the Einstecklauf (inset into a 16 gauge chamber) will be accurate enough for small game out to 50 yards or more, once I get it perfectly dialed in that is. I am very pleased that it shot this well, especially when you consider the action has to be opened up to unload/load each time which really disturbs your setup at the bench.
Krieghoff 16-22WMR group 01b.jpg

At this point, I think I've settled on the following for a Drilling/Einstecklauf sight-in process:
* Shoot a 3-shot group with rifle's iron sights at 50 yards with the 8mm Mauser (sure hope it's close to center)
* Adjust the scope to then group with the iron sights at 50 yards, with the 8mm Mauser barrel
* Adjust the Einstecklauf 22 Mag insert to group with the 8mm Mauser group at 50 yards, when scoped
* Then check impact of the 8mm & the 22 Mag out at 75 yards, and the 8mm only out to 100 and 150 yards

I'm hoping to do the above in 1 to 2 more trips to the range, now that I am comfortable removing and adjusting the Einstecklauf at the bench and adjusting the German scope.

If the iron sights won't group with the scope, then maybe I'll only use the Einstecklauf/22 Mag insert when it's scoped, but we'll see how it goes.
Krieghoff 16-22WMR (5) (Medium).jpg

20 or 30 years ago, I would have been totally in the dark with an obscure German 3-barreled gun and an interesting but odd (yet handy and very accurate!) rimfire insert to go with it, but the internet sure has made that less of a problem.

Tight groups.

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Re: 22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

Post by claybob86 »

That's really neat! Talk about versatile! :)

(I did notice that it lacks a bayonet and grenade launcher)
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Re: 22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

Post by Nath »

That insert is very accurate, I'm impressed.
I see some reference marks, did you do them?
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Re: 22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

Post by gamekeeper »

It's all coming together nicely Darryl, for spending a some time in the wilds you have everything covered.
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Re: 22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

Post by EdinCT »

My Dad had a friend who was in WWII and he told me that during the war US GI's went the the town halls in Germany got the registration lists and went door to door and collected all civilian arms up. They then put them in the road and ran them over with a tank!! He said if you saw the drilling they destroyed it would make you cry! But added we were pretty sick of being shot at by Krauts by then so it was done methodically.
He also said that's why you can't allow the evil of gun registration to happen on our free soil. He has been dead for 40 years but I never forgot that story.
You have a great example of what gun makers can do. Enjoy it !
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Re: 22 Mag Insert in German Drilling -- Sighting-in Has Started

Post by OldWin »

That is really nice.
I'm a ways north of you, but my buddy had something similar in his shop many years ago.
It was a bolt action JP Sauer 8x57mm. When you removed the bolt, there was a 22lr liner complete with another bolt that slid right in and made a bolt action single shot. It was a beautiful rifle.
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